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Considering getting an Abdominoplasty for a fatter belly?

A tummy tuck is most commonly referred to as abdominoplasty by medical practitioners. It is mostly a solution given to those people who are after having taut tummies and other alternatives such as doing sit-ups have failed to work for them. Individuals having excess skin or flab in their abdomens which does not respond to exercises and dieting will be a great candidate for this procedure. Also for people that are not interested in a full abdominoplasty you can read more about a mini vs full tummy tuck.


An abdominoplasty makes a person’s abdomen flat, by getting rid of excess skin and fat as well as tightening muscles located in the abdominal wall. It ought not to be confused with liposuction as much as some people opt to have liposuction carried out together with abdominoplasty. Tummy tuck is a major surgery and, therefore, an individual ought to have his or her homework done facts prior to embarking on finding the right tummy tuck surgeon.

Who is a good candidate?

This surgery is fit for individuals who are healthy in that they do not have any illnesses that they are suffering from. In case of women who have had some pregnancies, they may find this procedure valuable in reducing their skin as well as making tight their abdominal muscles.

This surgery is also a recommendable option for those women and men who had at one point in time been obese and therefore they still have excess deposits of fat or skin that is loose around their bellies.

Who is not a good candidate?

Women who have plans of getting pregnant are not advised whatsoever to go for tummy tuck surgeries until they are done with having children. This is because during the surgery a person’s vertical muscles get tightened, and pregnancies in the future usually result to separating of those vertical muscles.

Individuals who also have plans of losing weight are not advised to go for this surgery. This particular operation ought to be considered as the very last resort after having tried everything else. Medical practitioners warn people not to go for tummy tuck surgeries as alternatives of losing weight.

Preparing for surgery

The first step is consulting one’s surgeon of choice. In case an individual smokes, he or she is requested to stop smoking from around two weeks before the operation till two weeks after the operation. This cutting down on smoking is just not sufficient. A person is highly advised to quit completely smoking because this ill behavior leads to complications and slow healing.

One should also not try a drastic diet prior to having the surgery. A complete, well-balanced diet should be consumed. This is because a healthy diet helps one to heal faster and better.

During consultations with the surgeon, a person should tell everything about what he or she is taking prescription drugs to herbal medicines to other supplements. The surgeon is likely to advise against some of the medications that one may be taking before as well as after the tummy tuck surgery‚Äč