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Non-Surgical Abdominoplasty

Is there an alternative to abdominoplasty? The image of the lady had one.After reading about getting an abdominoplasty procedure, or tummy tuck vs Lipo many women are asking if  non-surgical tummy tucks are now possible. They are simple and safe alternatives that are increasingly becoming popular, and a lot of individuals are currently riding the wave. Most people are however skeptical about these non-surgical tummy tucks as they seek to know if they have any side-effects. It is because of this skeptical nature of people that most of them resolve to go for the non-surgical procedure as the very last step in their weight loss and dieting plan. Some women make use of these alternatives in the efforts of getting their bodies back after pregnancies or so as to have sexier bodies, especially if tummy tuck cost is a factor.


Are there any alternatives to a tummy tuck?

So as to get a comprehensive understanding of the manner in which the alternatives differ, it is good to, first of all, consider how the traditional methods are done. The traditional tummy tuck method makes small incisions in a person’s tummy through which some surgical implements are inserted. Most of the methods of surgery utilized today simply involve making use of reconstructive surgery and suction to get rid of fat cells. This restores back the look of an individual’s stomach. Newer procedures of surgery use lasers in ‘melting’ away fat cells. This method has been proven to be less traumatic and safer to the body, but it still calls for making the incisions. 


Good alternatives to the traditional tummy tuck techniques are the sculpting options such as:

  • Coolsculpting – This particular method has gained popularity over the years. It was originally developed by Zeltiq Company. It involves a controlled cooling tactic that gives results in less than two months. 
  • Cold laser treatment – This option utilizes a low-frequency laser so as to gently ‘melt’ fat. The ‘melted’ fat then drains naturally out of the patient’s body via the lymphatic system. 
  • Liposonix – This is a non-surgical option that makes use of ultrasound waves in an almost similar nature to the procedure of Vaser Hi Def Liposuction. By utilizing ultrasound waves that are highly focused, the procedure kills fat cells beneath the surface. Patients can expect to witness at least one-inch reduction of their waist within eight to twelve weeks after just a single hour of this particular treatment.

Patients are very pleased with the non-surgical tummy tuck results. Some of the benefits that they mention derived from having these alternatives are such as a shorter time to recovery, less discomfort and pain as well as quick results. Most of the patients are in this way very grateful to the non-surgical tummy tuck alternatives. These procedures are great ways of achieving results that are similar to the ones of surgical operations without necessarily exposing oneself to risks known to be inherent with the surgical procedures. Or if you are still looking for the traditional abdominoplasty you can check out mini vs full tummy tuck.

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